UI设计成长笔记 No.8



10 个 AIcc 2017 的必备技能


less is morecreating clean curves | 少即是多 创造干净的曲线

If you are aiming for clean deck toast, I'll try creating as few points as possible and use the handles to get the curvature right. I magine the shape is being a tiny planet and you're driving around it look out for the peaks and valleys. From that point of view that's the way you place your points. This way you get clean curves but also very flexible and easy to edit illustration when it comes to tweaks or feedback later on. Don't worry too much on getting everything perfect at the first click, you can always come back and refine the position of your points and your hands after finishing the line.

如果你想要创建干净的线条,请尽可能少用锚点,并使用手柄来获得正确的曲率。想象一下,这个形状是一个微小的行星,你在它周围绕行,寻找 高峰和低谷。从这个角度来看,高峰和低谷就是你放置锚点的位置。通过这种方式,你可以获得干净的曲线,同时也可以非常灵活地编辑图形,以便稍后进行调整或反馈。不必太追求在第一次点击时就让一切都完美无缺,你完全可以在完成整个线条之后再来改善你的锚点和手柄的位置。


changing a point's position on the fly | 在绘制过程中改变锚点的位置

Sometimes you just realize that you chose a bad position for a point after dragging out the handles. If you want to save some cleanup time, later on, just hold down space while the mouse button is still down and drag the point to a more suitable position. Let go of space to gain control over the handles again.This way you can continue drawing your path without leaving the pen tool.

有时候在你把锚点点下去的时候你才意识到你选了个错误的锚点位置,这时只需在鼠标按钮仍然按下的时候按住 空格键 就可以继续移动锚点到更合适的位置。放开 空格键 再次控制手柄。这样您就可以继续绘制路径,而无需离开钢笔工具。


smooth curves using the curvature tool | 用曲率工具作出平滑曲线

The curvature tool has become a good alternative to the pen tool when it comes to creating smooth round curves. Just click on the hills and valleys of your shape and it will create an even curve. Double click if you want to create a corner point. And again hold down space to move the point on the fly without leaving the tool.

在创建平滑的圆形曲线时,曲率工具 已成为钢笔工具的良好替代品。只要点击你的形状的高峰和低谷,它就会创建一个均匀的曲线。如果要创建角点,请双击。同样按住 空格键 以在不离开工具的情况下动态移动点的位置。


the width tool ink style for your lines | 用宽度工具给线条墨水风格

To give this illustration some inky style I use the width tool. Choose it from your tools or press shift W, you can use it anywhere on your curve. But it works best when you use directly where your points are read. Just click and drag to adjust the width of your line. When it gets tricky to select the right line, hold down ctrl and double click the line of your choice to isolate it. When you're finished, doube click outside the line to leave isolation mode again. The big difference to just choosing a generic brush is that you have full control over the position and amount of weight you're adding to the line. In case you want to get rid of your custom rating. Select the line you'd like to edit go to the stroke window and choose uniform in the profile drop-down menu at the bottom.

我使用宽度工具给这个插图一些笔刷风格。从工具栏里选中它或按下 shift + W 你就可以在你的曲线的任意位置上使用宽度工具。但是,当你直接使用读取点的位置时,它最有效。只需单击并拖动即可调整线条的宽度。当选择正确的线条变得棘手时,按住 ctrl 并双击您选择的线条将其隔离。当您完成后,双击线路外即可离开隔离模式。与选择通用笔刷的最大区别是你可以完全控制你添加到线上的位置和重量。如果你不想用自己定义的样式,选择要编辑的线转到笔刷窗口,然后在底部的配置文件下拉选中你想要的效果。


rounding corners the quick & awesome way | 制作圆角快速神奇的方式

Rounding corners has never been easier. After creating a shape, you get these circular controllers next to your points. Just click and drag them and see the magic unfolding. Best part is that it's not limited to generic based shapes only, it also works on your custom paths. You can do it on all points at the same time as shown before, or use the direct selection tool also known as the light arrow to just manipulate selected points on their own. Once you edit to your common workflow it becomes a huge time-saver, especially when creating icons or logos. In the last example you'll see how I use it on combined paths to create a light bulb icon in just a few clicks.

制作圆角从未如此简单。创建一个形状后,您可以在锚点旁边找到这些圆形控制器。只需单击并拖动它们即可看到魔法展开。最棒的地方是它不仅限于基本形状的使用,同样也适用于自定义路径。就像刚才展示的那样你可以同时在所有点上执行此操作,或者使用 直接选择工具(也称为光箭头) 来自行选择要操作的锚点。一旦你把它列入到常用工作流程,它就可以节省大量时间,特别是在创建图标或LOGO时。在最后一个例子中,你将看到我如何在组合路径上使用它,只需点击几下即可创建一个灯泡图标。


global colors & how to change them | 全局色以及如何自定义全局色

When I'm working with colors, I define them right from the start. Just double-click the full color and pick the color you want to use. Now add your swatches window. Click the new swatch icon make sure global is checked. Because only objects filled with the global color will inherit any changes you will do on the swatch later on. For this illustration I already got 4 kind global colors, as you can see by the white corner of the swatch. There are a couple of ways to change them. My favourite is to choose the color by double-clicking the fill color holding down alt and drag the color on to the swatch, which instantly is replaced. As it is a global color the illustration will be updated accordingly.

我在配色时会在一开始就选好颜色。只需双击出调色器并选择要使用的颜色,然后加入到你的色板中。点击新建色板按钮,并且确保选中了 全局色。因为只要把色板中的全局色改变了,所有应用了这一全局色的颜色都会同步改变(这样就不用一个一个形状调颜色了)。在这个插画中我已经有了4种全局色,你可以看到带白色角的色板就是全局色。有几种方法可以改变它们。我最喜欢的是通过双击 前景色 来选择颜色 按住 alt 并将颜色拖到全局色板上,即可立即更换。 因为它是全局色,所以插图将相应地更新。


adding an artwork's colors to swatchs | 添加作品颜色到色板

Just in case you jumped headfirst into illustrating without defining global color swatches. Don't worry just select everything by hitting ctrl a go over to your swatches window and click the little folder icon. Make sure selected artwork and convert process to global are selected. Finally click OK and volia you got all colors used in the artwork as global swatches.

有时候你会在没有添加全局色到时候就给插画配了色。不要担心,只需按 ctrl 选中所有内容,然后转到你的色板窗口并单击小文件夹图标,选中 将印刷色转换为全局色 然后后单击确定就可以将图稿中到颜色全部转化为全局色了。


scaling multiple line weights at once | 缩放倍数,迅速改变线重

Sometimes you get a feedback like could you just make all lines a bit thinner that can end in tedious tweaking of many lines, especially when working on something like a blueprint with a lot of different line weights. So here's the trick. Duplicate the object, hit ctrl K and make sure scale strokes and effects is checked. Comfime by hitting Enter. Enabled smart guides by hiting ctrl you. Now scale the object down until you like the weight of lines, hit ctrl K again uncheck scale strokes and effects this time. And confirm last but not least scale the object up again until the smart guides give you feedback that you are at the same scale as your original object, and volia, we adjusted all line weights at once. Of course this works in both ways. If you want thicker lines scale up instead of down in the first step.

有时你会得到一个反馈,希望可以让所有的线条变得更细一些,这可能会导致许多线条的繁琐调整,特别是在处理具有许多不同线宽的图形时。这里有个窍门。复制对象,按 ctrl + K 调出首选项确保常规中的缩放描边和效果 选中 ,然后点确定。现在缩小对象直到您喜欢线的权重,再次点击 ctrl + K 首选项 常规中 取消选中 缩放描边和效果。最后根据图片边框线的提示将图片调整到跟原始对象相同到尺寸,这样我们就一次调整了所有线宽。当然,如果你想让所有的线条变粗,这种方法同样适用。


using the join tool cleaning up a sketch | 使用连接工具清理草图

When you are using a drawing tablet to sketch an illustrator the joint tool comes in very handy. Just let lines you want to combine overlap each other. After finish your drawing select the join tool. Now click and scrub on the overlapping lines to combine them. I group that part of the head so I can isolate it by double clickin it that way I won't combine paths which I want to stay separate. For cleaning the rest of the overlapping lines up I use the scissors tool. It's not as quick as the eraser tool or the new shaper tool, but it's the most accurate one. The eraser often messes up your curves and the shaper tool leaves you with a lot of unusable combined shapes after expanding. To finish this one up I refine the illustration using the width tool.

当你使用笔刷绘制插图时,连接工具 非常方便。将你想要连接的线条相互重叠,完成绘图后,选择连接工具,然后单击并在重叠的线上擦除多余部分以组合它们。我将头部的那部分编组,这样我就可以通过双击来隔离它,这样我就不会将我想要保持分开的路径组合起来。为了清理其余的重叠线,我使用剪刀工具。它不像橡皮擦工具或新的shaper 工具那么快,但它是最准确的。橡皮擦经常弄乱你的曲线,shaper 工具在扩展后会留下许多无法使用的组合形状。最后我使用宽度工具优化插图线条并完成这个插画。


create badges using the pattern brush | 使用图案画笔创建徽章

Creating complex circular shapes becomes a lot easier when you know how to use a pattern brush. Examples you see the segments of each pattern brush created to make them. Let's create the first one. I quickly build myself a guiding object to snap to using the smart guides. Then I draw the segment. Just pay attention that the start and end points on the same height. Otherwise it won't repeat. Seamlessly, select your segment, open the brush window, click the new brush icon, choose pattern brush and hit OK. Just leave everything on default for now and comfirm by click ok again. Create a circle and apply the brush to it. Double-click your brush and fine-tune the settings until you like what you see then confirm again. Click apply to Stroke, so your changes will take effect on the server. To convert the brush back into a path select the object and go to the object menu, there you click expand appearance, but each segment is a separate path now. To fix this, select them all and hit ctrl J to connect them that's it you got a shape now which you can fill edit and manipulate to create your badges and seals of any kind.

当您知道如何使用图案画笔时,创建复杂的圆形形状会变得容易得多。例如,你可以看到为创建它们而创建的每个图案画笔的单个组成。我们来创建一个。我快速建立了辅助线,以便在绘制时候使用智能捕捉。然后我绘制线段。请注意开始和结束点在同一高度,否则它将无法无缝重复。选择画好的线段,打开画笔窗口,单击 新的画笔图标 ,选择 图案画笔,然后单击确定。现在只需将所有内容保持默认状态并再次点击确认即可完成图案笔刷的创建。创建一个圆圈并将画笔应用到它。双击您的画笔并微调设置,直到得到你想要的内容然后再次确认。单击“应用于描边”,以使更改在图形上生效。要将 画笔 转换成 路径 ,先选择 图形 并转到 对象菜单,然后单击 扩展外观,现在每个线段都是一个单独的路径。要解决此问题,请选择所有线段并点击 ctrl + J 连接它们,这样就变成了一个形状,你就可以用来创建任何类型的徽章和印章了。

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